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Although chiropractic medicine seeks to relieve or manage spinal imbalances without the use of surgery or drugs, it is still considered a business like any other. Therefore, it is only normal that chiropractors and chiropractic services will face the ultimate issue most other businesses face, which is attracting customers. Chiropractic medicine is still gaining popularity among most people, and as such, chiropractors and chiropractic practices need to position and market themselves to attract patients.

Top 10 Best Chiropractic Website Design
One of the best ways a chiropractor can draw in skeptical patients and also market their services is through the use of a well-designed website. A great website design is a marketing strategy used by many chiropractic services, which has proven to be right many times. The following are some of the best chiropractic website designs out there.

1. Chirolouie Chiropractic and Wellness Center

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One of the most attractive elements on this website is the spinal logo, which anyone can easily ascribe to chiropractic medicine. The website is tastefully done, with various colors ranging from red to green. It also has a picture of its beautiful office in the background, which is very inviting. However, besides the aesthetics, Chirolouie’s website is also very functional, having all the necessary information prospective clients may need, such as services, testimonials and so on.

2. Family Chiropractic Wellness

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This website is designed to have a pediatric or family feel to it. Its homepage displays an image of a smiling woman, which seeks to invite clients. It is a simple yet elegant website, with a mild theme and design boldly stating what they specialize in. From its homepage, one can navigate easily between the services they offer, patients they attend to, contact information and symptoms of some musculoskeletal issues. At the top of the homepage, you will also see quick links to all their social media pages.

3. Herceg Chiropractic

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The Herceg website uses the more-pictures-fewer-texts strategy, which helps them, capture the attention of clients’ right from the homepage. With an image-based menu function, clients and users can select any parts of the body and learn how chiropractic treatment/medicine can help in that area. For the design, Herceg’s utilizes natural colors like green and blue, with gray undertones. With pictures and graphics taking center stage here, clients are sure to remember Herceg Chiropractic.

4. Life Touch Chiropractic Care

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Life touch’s website design has all the essential elements you will find on most chiropractic websites. However, it also has something entirely novel, which is a video background. Very few websites have this feature, which is a great alternative to photos and images. The website also has all the information a prospective client may need, without exactly putting it all in their face. Links to their social media pages can also be seen at the top left corner of the homepage.

5. Botha Chiropractic

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This is one of the chiropractic websites that has managed to brand itself with a running white and red theme, not just on the website but its office as well. However, black and other primary colors are subtly present in unique parts of the website. It has a couple of special elements like the callout which appears right after the site has loaded, to help attract potential clients. This is an important feature which has successfully converted visitors into paying clients.

6. Ferrara Chiropractic

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The Ferrara Chiropractic website captures the perfect mix of modern functionality and old-school discipline. The recurring colors in this website are black and gold, which can help to leave a lasting impression in the minds of visitors. It has an image of the musculoskeletal system in the background, which highlights areas where they specialize in, such as the lower back, shoulder adjustments, and joint issues. Without much fuss, clients can also schedule an appointment right from the homepage, using the appointment sheet.

7. Summit Institute Integrated Healthcare

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One look at the homepage of this website, and it is apparent how their services have helped clients with a life free of pain. Asides the pictures of smiling and happy customers, the homepage also highlights the conditions that they treat as well as the pain treatments they offer. A feature which stands out here is the slideshow of images which presents the idea that indeed, they can offer their clients an improved quality of life.

8. Orange County Orthopaedics and Sports Medical Group

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The overall theme for this website is youthful, and there’s a female athlete doing some form of exercise on the homepage. The website uses a combination of white, blue, black and gold colors to achieve this look. It is also embedded with high-definition cutting-edge videos, as well as attractive and informative images that rotate throughout the website. It is easy to navigate through this website, as all the pages and information required can be seen at the top of the page.

9. Ozark Chiropractic Clinic

Ozark Chiropractic website

Ozark Chiropractic Clinic site has all the information a prospective client is likely to need. It starts by showing them a great picture of who they are, a barrage of social proof as well as a clear & concise call to action. Most of the colors used on this website are warm and inviting, and navigating through isn’t a chore. It displays the services they offer, contact information, and even a page where you can even leave a review. Although its design is minimal, it is a website that will definitely resonate with many clients.

10. Heritage Chiropractic Health Center

Heritage’s website has a single recurring color theme, which is blue. However, it is far from being boring, as it has other elements which make it an unforgettable website. On the homepage, there is a superimposed image of the skeletal system that highlights areas where pain emanates from. Also, prospective clients can easily book an appointment from the homepage, using the Request an Appointment feature provided. The website also provides a brief history of the practice’s lead chiropractor.
Having a great website design is one of the ways to be successful in the field of chiropractic medicine. Thus, when setting up the website of your practice, it is important that you check out some of the websites mentioned above, so that you can come up with the perfect theme or design for your brand.

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