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On Page Optimization

On Page SEO is the term used to describe the optimizations performed directly on your web page. Your visitors and search engines will appreciate these optimizations. Key factors include fresh content written around carefully chosen keywords. Regular updates are important!


You need descriptive text for images, and page layouts for both desktop and mobile devices. Appropriate tagging and information in machine-readable formats make sure that your site is well received.

Customer retention is boosted by a fast-loading site. In addition, simple navigation helps visitors find what they need.


CobiMedia makes sure that your site complies with on page SEO best practices. Above all, this gives you the best chance of being your customer’s first choice.

On Page SEO is one piece of the puzzle to a successful SEO campaign

Getting your On Page SEO right is important, but there's more to consider as well. For instance, Off Page SEO and brand awareness affect how your customers will find and view your site. CobiMedia helps you build a campaign that works for your business.

Choosing how you want to represent your business is vital to success. Similarly, defining your target audience ensures you reach the people you need to. Even a local business targeting the wrong audience won’t succeed in the way they want. Let us get it right for you and propel your business to the next level.


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