How to Get New Chiropractic Patients


These days, a lot of people are turning to chiropractic medicine rather than conventional medicine for the treatment and management of various musculoskeletal issues. The reason for this is mainly because chiropractic medicine provides optimum relief from issues such as neck and back pain, headaches, fibromyalgia and many more, with none of the side effects associated with conventional medicine. Furthermore, as opposed to conventional medicine, chiropractic practice makes use of non-invasive methods and practices such as spinal manipulation and massage therapy during treatments.

1. High Converting Website

chiropractic website

One of the major ways to attract patients to your chiropractic service is by having a well-designed and high converting website. A high-converting website is one that has great design, custom photography and SEO text. When all of these are present, your website will rank highly in Google’s search engine result page. Consequently, traffic to your website will increase significantly, and with your conversion elements in place, these visitors will very likely become new patients.

2. Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

google my business

Google my business listing is a service that displays your practice as well as its location when prospective patients do a local search. When this service is optimized for your business, your practice will show up in their results page, with a map and an address showing how they can get to you. However, Google requires that before you can do this, your practice profile must be complete, open for business, and close to the searcher. 

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that works by offering visitors free content such as ebooks, videos and so on, in exchange for their contact details. With their contact details at your disposal, you can then begin to send timely emails with useful content they might need, in a bid to convert them to new patients. If they are satisfied with your service, they may even spread to word to their family & friends, which can mean more new patients.

4. Offer Free Adjustments

Another way to get new patients is by offering free adjustments to the public. You can use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to sign people up to your service and provide them with free adjustments. Afterward, you may then convince them into coming back for a follow-up appointment while charging them the full price. This is a great way to get new patients, as people are generally attracted to freebies.

5. Partner with Local Businesses

Partnering with local business and engaging in community services can help put your name out there, and attract new patients. For instance, you can partner with a local non-profit organization to help them spread the word on their activities, by offering your services at a discount when people donate to the charity. This will provide funding to the charity as well as help your business get some brand recognition.

6. Develop a Referral Program

Providing your established patients with an incentive when they help spread the word about your chiropractic service is another great way to attract new patients. Established patients who are satisfied with your services may have already started spreading the word, but offering them an incentive like a free session will motivate them to actually bring in new patients. You can market your referral program on your website, in your newsletter or through your social media pages.

7. Sponsor Health & Wellness Seminars

These days, people are paying more attention to their health than they did a couple of years ago. You can use this opportunity to sponsor a seminar on spinal health, for instance, and how chiropractic treatment can help. Sponsoring a seminar like this will help build the credibility of your chiropractic service within your host community, which can help to generate leads instantly. You can even go a step further to provide a sample of the services you offer, to participants at the seminar.

8. Guest Blogging 

Guest blogging is also a great way to attract visitors and ultimately new patients to your chiropractic service. It works by publishing high-quality articles and blog embedded with backlinks to your service, on highly ranked websites. When visitors see and click the links in the articles, they are redirected to your chiropractic service automatically. Guest blogging also helps to improve your SEO chances, so that your website is highly ranked as well as generate leads that will convert to patients.

9. Client Reviews

google my business reviews

There is no better way to attract new patients to your service than positive reviews. With so many outlandish claims by health practitioners out there, a lot of patients need to be convinced that you can indeed treat their pain. The best way to convince them is by encouraging your clients to leave reviews on your website, which prospective patients will read. This way, they are sure that your claims are not bogus and eventually go-ahead to become a patient.

10. Social Media Marketing 

The world of social media is filled with many prospective clients. However, the only way to get at them and possibly attract them to your chiropractic service is by marketing to them on such platforms. With social media marketing, you can create and share useful content relating to the services you provide, to attract prospects and turn them to patients. There are many social media platforms you can use to achieve this, including Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, and so on. 

Attract new patients each month on autopilot

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