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Learn The Basics Of Pay Per Click - PPC Marketing

In the world of digital marketing, there are a number of methods for displaying adverts to potential customers. The most cost-effective method is often PPC, or Pay-Per-Click. But how does it work?


Your advert will be displayed based on criteria you specify – for example, keywords, interests, location, etc. You don’t pay anything to the advertising platform until somebody interacts with the advert by clicking on it. You literally pay per click – every click is charged to you.


The benefit of this system is that you are only charged for interested customers. If you advertised and paid a price per thousand impressions, you could show your advert to thousands of people and pay for each one – but still have no interaction at the end of it.


PPC makes it easy for small businesses to get noticed.

Google AdWords

Adverts that are shown on Google searches and across a network of websites

Keyword Research

The success of your campaign can hang in the choice of keywords – beat your competitors with top-notch keyword research

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Reasons why PPC might be good for you

Just having great SEO might not be the ultimate solution depending on the situation your business faces. Here are some reasons that PPC might be just what you need.

Your local SEO area might be competitive

If you’re the only supplier of a particular kind of goods or service in your area, that’s great! Unfortunately, you will often face stiff competition from an assortment of local competitors. Using PPC advertising will ensure that you appear at the top of the search results exactly when your customers are looking for you.

You want website clicks fast

You might have a site that you want to rapidly boost the number of visitors to, or you may have launched a time-limited offer that you want to get in front of people as soon as possible. Using PPC will get your adverts running within hours and visitors will start arriving almost immediately.

Your SEO might not have kicked in yet

SEO is fantastic for long term success in search rankings, but it can take a little while to become fully effective. This is in part down to the way the search engines work, as they don’t always reflect site changes instantly. To bridge the gap until your SEO brings the desired results, PPC is effective and easy to implement.

Good Writing: Don’t Ignore It

PPC will bring the visitors to your site quickly, but don’t forget to make it worthwhile. A poorly written website can send people away just as quickly. Using PPC will help you build a following even if you don’t have a large amount of content yet – and a well-written advert works every time.

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