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CobiMedia is a Baton Rouge SEO Company focused on providing search engine optimization (SEO) and quality digital marketing services.

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What We Do

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We're focused on Search Engine Optimization, improving your webpage ranking and increasing visitor traffic.

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CobiMedia build responsive web sites with a great user experience. Usability on mobile devices is vital in today's highly competitive online market.

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Be seen where your customers are every day. Reach them on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Grow your business with social media.

Unleash Your Brands Potential

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The Importance Of Having An Online Presence

The world is changing dramatically. Huge companies like Toys’r’us, Payless and Blockbuster have suddenly gone out of business, and it is indicative of a huge new wave coming. It’s a wave that’s wiping out all the businesses that aren’t adapting and won’t adapt to the new rules of the digital world. For you, this is a good thing – it leaves opportunities for smart businesses to leverage the internet to grow and fill in the gaps left behind.

Our SEO Process

Did you know that 70% of people using search engines click on non-paid (organic) listings instead of the ads at the top of the page? This is important for your business, because when you rank as one of the top pages in the results you’ll be getting free traffic. You won’t pay a dime to get those leads as it’s all organic traffic from Google and other search engines. Once those leads arrive on your site, we help you to convert them into customers by optimizing your website and making sure it’s user friendly. CobiMedia’s Baton Rouge SEO services will turn your business around.

On Page SEO Perfecting your page for customers and search engines

Off Page SEOPromoting and driving traffic to your website

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